Submission Guidelines

If you have an infographic you think would fit in on Strom Design, please send it to us, along with all of the following information for your submission to be considered:

  1. The title of your infographic
  2.  A short description that will appear above the infographic
  3.  Provide the URL as to where the infographic was originally published so we can link back to the original source Рwe want to give credit where credit is due
  4. Optional: You may also include an embed code or special instructions if you would like more control over how your infographic is published (i.e. where to link back to, alt attribute text, size, etc.)

Please help us by following these guidelines to the letter! Neglecting them may cause your submission to be passed over.

We have two methods of uploading submissions. Our basic method is free, and your infographic will be scheduled for publishing upon approval in the order in which is was received (usually two to three weeks).

If you need your infographic published in a more timely manner, then try our Express service. The cost is $25.00 per graphic, and submissions are live within the day. Details on how to pay via PayPal will be sent once we receive your submission request.

Legal stuff:

  1. We have the right to choose whether or not to publish your infographic. Our main goal here is quality, not quantity.
  2. We have the right to edit the information that is submitted (including titles, descriptions and even linking URLs. Yes, even those.)
  3. If your submission is accepted, you are also granting us the right to share the post on our social media sites (including, but not limited to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Pinterest)
  4. Submitters are not given author status, but a link to your brand is given in the description. We give credit where credit is due!
  5. If your submission is not related to an actual infographic, it will not be published