4 Things To Keep An Eye Out For When Building Your Site


When you are building a website, it’s important to keep an open mind and give yourself the chance to learn new things that might be able to enhance your site. Even if you have built a site before, you shouldn’t just use your same old techniques. New tools and techniques are made every day, so [...]

5 Supreme & Innovative Magento Themes for 2013

A business will only do well if it manages to present itself well. In the online world, especially, your business is competing with thousands of other businesses to not only grab the attention of consumers, but to get those consumers to start spending money at your site. For those who use Magento for their ecommerce [...]

5 Free WordPress Plugins for Build Your Email List

wordpress plugins for email list

An email list is an integral part of online marketing. It is through this list that you can communicate with your readers and site visitors to establish a relationship and earn their trust. You can do email marketing with the use of this list to help your readers become updated with your new products and [...]

Top 25 Excellent Google Fonts For Web Design

Google fonts have become popular for the web developers in designing the web page with integrating CSS with style sheet link. Here are the 25 Google fonts used to build your website. 1. Varela Round From the family of Varela, it brings soft feeling and versatile in size, this font is apt. This can be [...]

Top 5 WordPress Responsive Themes 2013

Fresh & Clean WordPress Theme

1. Fresh & Clean Minimal WordPress Theme Features of theme: Solid Blogging theme Minimal and Responsive Header banner spot Custom logo and image slider CSS only multi-level dropdowns w/ font-icon label Live Preview | Download 2. Simple Grid Responsive Theme Features: WordPress 3.3+ Compatible Safari, Firefox & IE9 Compatible Valid XHTML + CSS SEO Optimized [...]

Top 10 Web Design Books – A Designer Must Check Out


Things often change and updated in web industry rapidly as well as a web designer should be updated with latest technology and information. For this they should learn and study with updated resource. There are some web design books a designer must read. These books have been recommended by industry leading designer. We just try [...]

5 Tips To Improve WordPress Website for Seo And User Experience

10 Top Plugins For WordPress Design

How to improve WordPress website for a better user experience? There is no doubt that WordPress is most popular and the recent survey shows that it powers one in almost every 6 websites. Moreover, it is easier to sell WordPress to clients as they are already convinced of the popularity of the content management systems [...]

User Friendly Tips and Top 3 UI Sketching Tools to Simplify Web Design

sketch design

Most of the time, I just stare a website for several minutes to figure out why it is so complicated and complex. Unluckily it is a fact that most of the websites we visit are excessively difficult than they have to be. Here it does not mean that a website is complicated when it comes [...]

How To Design A Website Compatible With All Browsers

How To Design A Website Compatible With All Browsers

Website designing is most important thing for website value and reputation. The website should have all the necessary features of browsers compatibility to be right one. There are so many browsers that are famous and different people uses different browser so it becomes a necessity of business to design a perfect and compatible website because [...]

Website & Landing Page Design Elements for Usability and SEO

Online marketing is an important business tool. It is important for the website/business owners to get the visitors to website/blog. Round up links, guest blog posting etc. are some of the tools used for the purpose. This forms part of the process. The visitor should visit that right section of the website. If the website [...]

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